The truth of things is best read in refuse
— Roland Barthes

Regardless of the material with which I am working, my imagery comes from searching an internal space.

I build a painting through a series of actions that guide me to each next step.  Working with a heavy texture of sand and paint allows me to scratch, incise, smooth over, cover and uncover.  Like an excavation, the evolving work feels like a discovery.  Marks that look like writing are indecipherable, and they are carriers of feeling, like a seismograph records the trembling of the earth.

I have a personal vocabulary of marks that I use spontaneously.  This is an instinctual process in which I use automatic actions, making intuitive gestural marks that originate in sensing, memory and physical movement.

Working with many materials allows me to proceed with a test of ideas, ultimately using the material that best reflects a physicality and feeling.  The finished work is a layered accumulation of material and marks.  This history of layers is akin to the traces of time and weather that the world and our bodies bear, a tracery of life's cycles.